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Movie of the Week: Critters (1986)

This week is a special week. Because yesterday was my birthday and I’m feeling generous I’m going to give you a triple feature this week: Critters, Critters 2, and Critters 3! All in one post!

You’re welcome. If you want to give me a birthday present, how’s about you join my mailing list? You’ll even get a free copy of Zombie Tree for doing so.


Critters 2

Critters 3

Movie of the Week: Trick Or Treat (1986)

As a Halloween (the holiday) lover and a fan of bad horror, I approve of this cheesy ass movie. Enjoy!

Movie of the Week: Hellraiser (1987)

This movie doesn’t need much of an introduction. Just watch it and allow Clive Barker to take you down a deep, dark rabbit hole of epic proportions. Oh, and Pinhead is down there too! Yay!

Movie of the Week: The Evil Dead (1981)

It’s no secret that “The Evil Dead” is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. I love the entire trilogy actually, but I’ve not seen the newest incarnation. I don’t know if I want to. I’m afraid it might ruin the entire thing for me somehow if I don’t enjoy it so I’ve been putting it off.

Regardless, I’ve decided to start something new and share horrorĀ movies I enjoy with you wonderful minions. 100% free of charge for you to take some time out of your busy schedules to enjoy. “The Evil Dead” was an obvious choice for my first journey into this wonderful new territory.

If you’ve not seen it then it is mandatory that you watch. No excuse will be acceptable in this regard, minion. Punishment will be swift and harsh for those who do not abide by this decree. Ok, maybe not, but you really should watch it. I think you’ll love it.